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Anonymous asked: Hi! I really like your work but I'm not sure if you are recast friendly.. >_< I own legits and recasts, will you still be willing to work on my legits even though I have recasts or?

Thank you for your interest in my work! Yes, I am willing to work on your legits! Please send me an email to 



People are going to call me a bitch for this,but they don’t know what it’s like to be me and have to be ugly. There’s a girl I’m related to and everyone fawns over her,she’s so perfect and pretty,blah blah puke. You know the type,blonde-skinny-tan. Whenever I have to listen to that,I just stare at my beautiful dolls. I’ll never be pretty,but my dolls are more beautiful than that girl will ever be. It makes me feel better when everyone’s kissing her ass and saying things I’ll never hear.


OP u need to love urself and stop bringing down other women with you

Art Prints by Kayke | Society6

Got some new prints available!

A Tiny Mouse Doll


It’s finally happening!! I’m taking preorders for my mouse BJD, my first artist BJD I’ve made for production, available on kickstarter now through the month of July. Check it out!

My friend made a tiny cute doll and you should totes fund her ! 

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