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Anonymous asked: what size eyes does your mnf mirwen use? 12mm or 14mm?

12mm! I believe 10mm will also work, I haven’t tried yet tho. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi~ just a little question, where would I contact you for a commision at..? (If you still take them, if you don't that's cool) c:

My shop is currently full, but I will be notifying those who are waiting when I am open again! Here is my DoA thread~ If you’re not on DoA, send me an email (found on my tumblr)~ Thanks!

Anonymous asked: hi! good day :) i was just wondering if your MNF Mirwen boy is modded or not. he looks pretty awesome! ^_^

Thanks! Nope, no mods, just paint!! I’m glad you like him. He is my baby <33



Okay, to any of my friends who collect Asian BJD’s…

For the love of all that is holy, please do NOT place any orders with Momocolor! I had placed an order with them on December 11th for their winter event, and have yet to see a doll. I have also yet to hear back from…

I’ve been in the waiting room with you, NicoleWagner and yes, DO NOT BUY FROM MOMOCOLOR !!

I placed my order on October 15th. I did receive a generic blanket message in mid-January with a few other people saying orders would ship Jan. 24th. No dolls or contact since that date for me. I didn’t even receive the generic message that NicoleWagner has in February.

I was able to get half of my money back from my bank, but not the other half from Paypal. The money I received from my bank is a temporary credit that I have to give back to Chase if they do not hear from Momocolor in 90 days. If Momocolor responds to my bank in those 90 days, they have the option to give Chase the money or mail out my item (in which case I would have to give my bank back the credited amount). This is not even touching the fact that I paid half with paypal, and half with my bank balance.

I am holding out that Momocolor will either send the doll or contact my bank soon, so I can contact paypal for the THIRD time to hopefully *maybe* receive the other half of my payment.

Overall, this is a HUGE mess and there are SO MANY of us in the DoA Momocolor Waiting Room that are going through the exact same thing.

We have all sent emails to Momocolor stating that we only wish to have COMMUNICATION through the process, even if that means the dolls are (and have already been) pushed back in production. We would not be afraid of never receiving our orders if they would just COMMUNICATE !!

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