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i was trying to figure out what kind of clothing will fit the Asella Raspberry but I have a feeling she will be practically naked 99% of the time because her body is so gorgeous. Seriously cannot wait until she gets here !!

I’m trading a custom Pullip for one of my grails, a Tan Asella Raspberry

Literally cried a little bit! I am so happy and excited and grateful!! 


Want to Paint List / Faceup Discounts!?

There are a few sculpts out there that I am really wanting to paint! If you have one of these dolls, you get a $10 discount off of my services for a faceup, or a free manicure with a faceup and bodyblushing! <3

Want To Paint List:

  • Freakstyle Salome
  • Lilycat (any)
  • Enaibi (any)
  • Atelier Momoni Nena 02 (any)
  • Nobledoll (any)
  • Fairyland Mika/Mir (I want to do thick eyebrows/boyish face)
  • Fairyland MNF Woosoo Vampire
  • CP/FL Soony
  • Merry Doll Round (any sculpt)
  • Souldoll Joelle D
  • Zaoll Luv (or dreaming)
  • Volks YoSD Remi
  • DIM Laia

——> Please see my previous post for contact info, DoA thread, order forms and other pricing! <——

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