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This weather feels great but its definitely putting a damper on my doll commissions!! :’(


Winonaflammery is one of the absolute most kind, generous, and caring BJD owner + person I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to. If you disagree with this, then you obviously do not know her well enough! Thank you Winonaflammery for being so wonderful. :)



If your boy doll is deliberately dressed and made up to look as feminine as possible and has a gender-neutral or girly name, people are going to think it’s a girl sometimes, that’s just a fact. If you’re going to get pissy when that happens, maybe you should make it easier for people to tell at a glance that your doll’s a boy.


The way I see it, real (as in not a doll) gender fluid people prefer pronouns of what they are currently representing, or even completely neutral pronouns.

Even drag queens, when presenting as female, prefer female pronouns. When they are out of drag, presenting male, prefer male pronouns.

 If you are pretending that your doll is trans and you are cis, then you need to educate yourself on trans issues before you open your mouth. What you are doing by presenting a fully feminine doll, except that it has a penis, and insisting that it is a boy- is actually the opposite of what most trans people would want. It would cause horrible body dysmorphia and depression for them. You are also implying that women cannot have penises, either.

Now, I don’t have any problem with seeing dolls dressed however, what really gets my goat is usually the ignorance of the owner that just wants to have a super-kawaii-unique doll while not realizing how insensitive they are actually being. This is by getting angry that you are not calling the doll male pronouns when the doll is representing as a female.

This is not directed towards anyone that is not cis- if you are genderfluid/trans and making your doll a vessel of yourself, then you already know how you would want to be treated!

Quick side note: I am cis myself, but since a lot of my close friends coming out as trans/genderfluid, I have educated myself to help support my friends. Please, if I overstepped my bounds please feel free to tell me to shut up. I am completely open to hearing other opinions on the matter as I am always up for learning a bit more.

Art for Dental Work

Hey all,

I just got back from the dentist today with horrible news. I cannot afford the work out of pocket and what I need done is pretty urgent!

I would really appreciate the support. Now is a chance to own a piece of my artwork, pre-made or custom just for you. 

If you could contribute or share, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks so much, guys.

Here’s a quick tip for any faceup newbies (or anyone, really):

I use the 6/0 from this brush set exclusively for eyebrows and eyelashes. Most script liners I find are too short, but these are just the right length.

Is Dollmore reliable?

I’m thinking about ordering a Narsha. I’ve been burned so many times ordering direct from the company but I really, really miss box openings and the new resin smell! If anyone’s ordered dolls from Dollmore, what was the processing time (without faceup) and if there were any mistakes, were they quick to fix them?


I’m very excited! I got my energy back. I am not sure how, to be honest. Yesterday I slept for most of the day, then worked on sewing all night long because I couldn’t sleep. I made 2 sweaters, half of a corset, and a wig. I didn’t fall asleep till around 7am. I thought I totally ruined my sleep schedule, but I was able to wake up at 10:30am and I had a friend over today to make sure I worked without taking a nap. I actually got a large batch of commisions completed (they were literally finished, I just was too exhausted to seal and gloss them for over a week ;-; ) and now I am just about finished with another faceup!

I figured out a slacker’s way to make a Fur Wig pattern

I am terrible with numbers so I figured out a super easy way of making a fur wig pattern.

I just took a paper towel, laid it on half of my dolls head, cut out a semi-circle, put it back on the doll to make sure it’s correct. cut a second piece, tape them together, flip inside out and put on doll head to check the fit, then cut to fix the hairline.

Reverse it back and tada, a perfect fit pattern! Yay!

Do you guys want pictures of this tutorial or do you think you got it from my description?

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